Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Nursing Job!

As I mentioned in my last post, I got a new job!  First and foremost, my God given job and main responsibilities are my husband, our children and the home.  I wouldn't want it any other way!  Those things are the most important and my primary focus.  However, after much discussion and prayer, Sean and I decided that God wanted me to work just a teeny bit.  I spent a lot of time and energy on my education and I want to keep my skills up and God forbid, Sean and I want me to be prepared in case something ever happened to Sean.  It just makes sense to keep my license up.  So, I graduated with my Bachelors in Nursing in July and began my job search. 

After a few months, I was starting to get really discouraged.  For the most part, I heard no response!  I would spend a good hour or so weekly applying everywhere!  I had prayed that God only open the door of where I should be, so I knew I had to be patient.  Well, I finally over a two week time period got 3 interviews and another 2 phone calls. 

The interview at UT Medical Center was an easy decision!  I don't have the floor experience since I worked in psych before moving to TN, so they wanted me to work full-time for 2 years.  That is NOT a goal for our family or for me personally.  Remember, husband, children, home FIRST!  :) 

So, from this interview I redirected my focus and also gained some encouragement and contentment.  I realized that in order to work PRN (or as needed) I would most likely not get a nursing job on the floor since I lacked the experience.  I started searching heavily for psych again since I do have some experience there.  I also got an interview doing telephone triage nursing.  We thought this was going to be an ideal situation for us because there was the potential to work from home, but it ended up that I did not get that job.  However, I did get a job in behavioral health (psych).

It is actually really neat (so far).  It is about 40 minutes from here.  Out in the woods.  Literally.  I see deer everyday!   It is also on a lake.  It is a long-term residential facility for adolescents (ages 13-17).  They live in cabins.  Most of them are there anywhere from 6-9 months, even up to a year.  Most of them come from really rough backgrounds, so there are behavioral issues, substance abuse issues with some, trauma with most, and psychiatric issues commonly, as well. 

I am obviously an RN there.  I don't have much to say on this side of the job because I don't start my training in the nurses station until next week.  So far, I have worked for two weeks doing general training and then therapeutic crisis intervention training.  It has been a little more challenging working more these two weeks, but tomorrow is my last day of that.  Michaela has been such a blessing with coming over and taking such amazing care of our little guys while Sean and I are away and we are sooooooo grateful for her.  Ryan, this morning, was balling because I had to leave.  It was heartbreaking! 

Any way, I got to talk to the Director of Nursing today to get my normal PRN schedule and she is AWESOME!  She doesn't really care when I work or how often or whatever.  It is really up to me.  She treats all of her nurses this way.  She basically said as long as all her shifts are covered, she doesn't care how it happens, so long as it happens.  Very unconventional and I like it!  So, for example, next week I will work Thursday 11a-7p and Friday 645a-1130a because that's all that would work for us.  Then, she sent me home with the calendar for the month of November to just write in when I want to work and what times and discuss with hubby, Michaela, etc.  How helpful is that!!!?? 

So, yah, that's it.  I got a little job.  :) 

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