Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dollywood Pix

I think I mentioned in a previous post that we got season tix to Dollywood.  We headed out there for the first time last Saturday.  I think we are all going to enjoy going all season long!  The day was gorgeous!  It was a little busy there.  Ryan and Sean waited in line for a family roller coaster for 2 hours (including the half hour of waiting for the stuck coaster to be fixed!!)  That 2 hour time period proved to be a little interesting for me since I had the 3 youngest.  Started out fine until Hailey got hungry and I discovered I don't know how to read picture maps and ended all the way back at the front of the park (started at the way back) to get back to the baby center.  This is with Hailey in the Ergo and pushing the double stroller through the crowds with Andrew and Hunter in it.  Funny thing is (well, not funny at the time), there was another baby care center at the back of the park where I was, but I couldn't find it because of my inability to read a map!!!  I was a little frazzled and out of my normal routine!  God was observing the limits of my patience, which was worn thin, but I decided to start telling Him all the things I was thankful for, and that helped tremendously!@

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