Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

11/14/05 CPL Longoria, LCPL McCracken

11/16/05 Lt. McGlothlin, CPL Ware, CPL Rogers, LCPL Deeds, LCPL Lucente

Reflecting on these brave men today.  Men that lost their lives for our country.  Thinking about the families they left behind.  Like LCPL Deeds who left behind a wife and a little baby he never even got to meet.  These were men that were fighting right beside my husband.  It seems like forever ago, yet it feels just like yesterday as I think about it.  Thanking God for sparing my husband's life.  It very easily could be his name on this list.  And then we would have to erase life from that point on.  Everything we know and everything we have done would never have happened.  No happy homecoming from deployment.  No Ryan.  No Hunter.  No Andrew.  No Hailey.  No first home together.  No move to Tennessee.  No 9 years of marriage together.  So, I can start to really get sad thinking about that.  But I don't have to because that happened to not be how our lives turned out.  But it did for the names above.  I'm sure some of their widows eventually moved on and remarried and started a new family.  I'm sure family members don't feel the same pain as they did November 2005.  But there are wounds there that I'm sure will never completely heal.  Please pray for our military servicemen and women.  Those who currently serve, our veterans, and those who paid the ultimate price and all of their family members.  We live in a free country because of their sacrifices.  Don't take that for granted.  And when you see one, thank them.  God bless our country.  Pray for our country, as well. 


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