Monday, January 30, 2017

Jessica Grace!!!!

Had our 28 week 4D ultrasound on Thursday and got to bring in all the kiddos!  It was sooo so special!  Of course Jessica didn't want to cooperate, except for showing off fingers and toes, but it doesn't matter, it was wonderful!  And yes this is an upside look at her face, but I heard blogger is having some issues and so I have no idea how to make it right side up,  Turn your computer lol!



Girly girl!  We picked Grace for Sean's Grandma Brewner.  Jessica, just a name we like.  :)

And this is a sleepy little Addie :)  On a side note, we have started a couple of things as a family that I am super excited about!  We heard it in church and thought it was a good idea to incorporate for our family.  It's a way to increase faith and show the kids (and ourselves) that God is real and working actively in on our lives.  The kids picked one thing to have as a prayer project that we will pray about daily until prayer is answered.  Well, they picked one other thing, too, but it is a long-term prayer!  Sean and I are also writing things down that go on daily list that may be related to the kids or things that just happen throughout the day and then at night after the kids go to sleep, we are going to pray over our list.  :)

So our mommy/daddy teams are going to be even!  3 boys first, soon to be 3 girls in a row now!  Thanking God!

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