Saturday, January 21, 2017

Las Vegas

Monday, we flew out to Vegas because Sean had to work out there all week at World of Concrete.  This is at Knoxville Airport and I had to capture the kiddos, who were all smiles.  I was not.  As soon as we got dropped off at 1230 for our 230 flight, we found out that Allegiant didn't have a plane for us and that the flight would be delayed until 730 that night.  Let's just say I was not as happy as our little ones.  We got to hang out at the airport for 7 hours.  But  any way, it did help me to learn something, as the Lord likes for us to do when he gives us a trial.  Our children can have way better attitudes about things than we do in some cases.  And these are the little things that in the long run really don't matter, especially since we did end up getting there safely and all together as a family.  After 2 a.m. our time lol.  And after a 4 hour flight of Addison not sleeping and being fussy. lol.  I can honestly say there were quite a few times where I wanted to just sit down and cry. 

I think we know every inch of this airport lol

Every morning I would drive Sean into work while the kids stayed at the hotel with my mom (Gagu).  There is so much traffic in Vegas!!!!

The mountains in the background are beautiful and some were snow capped.  

Some things about Vegas are really cool.  It's neat to look at the hotels and some of the things inside of them.  The lights are pretty.  The scenery with the mountains and palm trees and cacti are pretty.  BUT it's the rest of Vegas.  The gambling, immodesty everywhere (billboards, driving billboards, wall signs, people on the sides of the streets, etc., etc.), drinking, and smoking (INSIDE at that) that are not nice at all.  

Kid friendly restaurant at New York New York called America.  They had a large large map of the US inside the restaurant that was neat.  The food was good, too.  We did not eat any of the sweet treats, but they looked pretty.

To the right is the monorail, which goes thru the strip and was a big hit with the kiddos when we rode on it from Westgate to Bally's/Paris.  

They decorate the sides of their interstates.

Mom gave us a date night (+1), so Sean and I decided to go eat Chinese food at Westgate on the strip.  We stayed at the the other Westgate (Flamingo Bay), which was off of the strip and definitely more family friendly.  

Activities at our hotel.  Favorite parts of the trip for each child:  Ryan - spending time with family and putt putt golf.  Hunter - art we made at the hotel.  Andrew - getting a new stuffed monkey.  Hailey - the fountains at the Bellagio.  And if Addison could say, I'm certain she'd say eating strawberry shortcake for her 1st birthday and the aquarium at Silverton Casino.  

It was so nice to have my mom with us for the week!

Putt putt at the hotel

New York New York


Lunch at Pot Liquor.  It was off the strip and kid friendly, as well. It was Southern food, and for being far from the South, it was pretty good, but I still think our Southern food in TN is better :)

My lunch at Pot Liquor.  Salad with rib pieces.  

On the monorail for great views of the city

We had Addison's 1st birthday party on Wednesday night at the hotel since we would all be traveling super early on her actual birthday this past Friday.  

I took the kids to Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Henderson, NV.  It was probably my favorite part of the trip.  :)

Watching the chocolate being made.  The people there were all so super sweet.  

They also had a cactus garden that we walked a little ways thru very quickly.  It was sprinkling and cold. 

Lunch at In n Out.  We got to eat lunch with Sean each day.  It was good, but my belly didn't like it later.

Aquarium at Silverton Casino.  It was also connected to a Bass Pro that had more aquariums.  So the kids were not as thrilled with the "aquarium."  They were like "We didn't go to an aquarium, we went to Bass Pro." lol

Botanical gardens at Bellagio

Views of the strip from Bellagio

So, coming home everything was like completely opposite.  Our 715 a.m. flight left early, we had to rush to get to the gate to get on the plane (they were already almost all boarded  by the time we got there), and instead of it being a 4 hour flight, the high tail winds? helped us to get home in 3 hours 20 minutes.  And Addison slept almost the whole time.  However, there was still something that happened.  Unfortunately, there was a medical situation on our plane that I got to help out with.  The flight attendants announced over the loud speaker asking for any medical personnel to come help and Sean said for me to go since I'm a nurse.  I was a little reluctant.  I sometimes have a lack of confidence in my abilities as an RN.  Any way, there was also a former Navy Medic on the flight, too, so we tried to help the lady.  She had been sleeping and woke up and was having seizure type symptoms and then started vomiting.  She was not completely oriented and was breathing rapidly and given oxygen.  With the help of the medic and paramedics on the ground in Knoxville, we assessed her, took vitals, and monitored her all the way back to Knoxville.  I ended up exchanging numbers with one of the lady's friends on the flight, but as of right now nothing has been found.  She was taken off the flight by paramedics when we landed and admitted to UT, but they did an MRI and ruled out clots and I didn't think she had a stroke.  So not sure what was going on.  She had not slept the night before, taken a Xanax right before the flight, and had been complaining of calf pain the night before.  

Any way, we are happy to be home, even though it was a nice week.  Several people asked if we were from there while we were out sightseeing and I was always surprised by that question.  NO, we are not from there.  I don't even think we look like we are from there lol.  I am thankful we got to go, though, and I am thankful we got to see my mom, and I am thankful that we enjoyed our time.  

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Good pixs. It was a fun trip. So go to see you all.