Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nashville Family Time

My mom is in Nashville visiting my aunt and uncle and cousin and her husband and so on Sunday we loaded up for the day and drove over there to see everyone, but first we stopped at Gaylord Opryland to show the kiddos this awesome hotel!

And they loved it.  Ryan wants to go back and stay for his birthday.  Thinking not.  It's over 200 a night lol

Hailey is a ham for the camera.  She often asks to have her picture taken.

My cousin's husband.  They live in Paris.

My cousin.  Both of them were amazing with the children and are going to make awesome parents someday hopefully.

All I can say is LOL

We went back home that night and I have to say we were pleased at how well the kids did with the 3 hr drive each way and the quick, but BLESSED visit.  Hey.  No pictures of my mom.  :(  Or my aunt and uncle.  

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