Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hunter's 6th Birthday!

Started out early!  Sean took him to get donuts, at Hunter's request!

I can't believe you're 6, little man!!!!

donut b-fast makes everyone smile b/c we never eat donuts!

Party time in the evening.  Lunch was ham and cheese sandwiches.  Dinner was spaghetti.  Ice cream sundaes for dessert.  We also went to the library and got DVDs and books.  It was raining yesterday so Hunter also picked to watch all 4 movies.  A special treat, too.  Not something we usually do.

Excited about his new Bible from Grandpa Mike and Gagu

We LOVE you, Hunter!!!!  You're a blessing!

Also, after 1 short week on the market, our townhouse in FL is under contract!!!!   We can't believe it!  So fast!  Paying full asking price and asking for no closing costs!  Also, already approved by bank!  Home inspection on Friday.  Prayers, prayers, prayers.  We should close April 21st!

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