Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ryan's Teeth

Ryan has had his adult teeth growing in behind his baby teeth for a long time.  Back in October, at his cleaning, they scheduled an appointment for March because that was their first available.  He would get his 2 front baby teeth pulled at this visit if they hadn't fallen out yet.  Well, they hadn't.  So we went.  And they were NOT expecting us.  As in they didn't have it down as him having an appointment.  And the next available was June 28th or 3 o'clock that afternoon.  In the middle of some storms that were coming through.  Well, long story short, they ended up seeing him yesterday at the 8 AM time that we arrived (well I guess it was more like 8:30 by the time we got it all figured out) and he had his 2 baby teeth pulled.  He was very brave.  Went back all by himself. He hasn't had any pain and just had a soft diet yesterday.  While we were there, Hunter lost his first baby tooth out in the parking lot.  lol

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