Wednesday, March 22, 2017

10 Wednesday Thoughts

1.  Andrew is now in a booster seat.

2.  And we flipped Addison forward.  She was waving at everything out the window and couldn't stop grinning.  I shouldn't leave out that Andrew was pretty excited too.
3.  Me and Sean get a date night tomorrow after we pre-register at the hospital for baby Jessica and go to an OB appointment! 

4.  Ryan is missing like 6 teeth!

5.  Hunter.  Well no news really.  But didn't want to leave #2 out.  :)  

6.  Hailey started potty training.  :)  And she is doing great so far.  

7.  Addison is OFFICIALLY a walker.   No more crawling for her.  

8.  Ryan found a 4 leaf clover on Monday after searching for just a few mere minutes.  We were pretty excited.  I remember combing through clover patches when I was little, but never did find one.  

9.  Happy Spring!!!!!!  

10.  I'm 36 weeks now - I think everyone is getting excited to meet Jessica Grace :)

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