Friday, March 24, 2017

Jessica, Date, Sugar, Sugar

Sean and I got our 7 hour date yesterday yippie!  We both needed it and feel quite refreshed.  It's neat to see that the kids need to be away from us a little, too.  They seemed quite refreshed and had an awesome time with the sitters, including building a pretty cool fort that I will have to take pix of another time.  They were so excited to see us last night and have been all over us today!  lol  

We pre registered for baby Jessica.  It's official!  We are having a baby!  :)  Then we went to OB app.  They found a bunch of sugar in my urine for the first time ever.  Did a sugar test 147.  Not terrible, but she said to lay off the Starbucks Frappes, and of course just sugar in general, and breads, etc.  So now I am rethinking everything I eat.  It has really made me realize some of the junk I still put in my mouth and I tend to think I eat fairly well. Well, except for my 10 PM chocolate fix in bed most nights with the hubby lol!  They also drew an A1c, but I won't get that back till Monday.  

Any way, after that we went to Starbucks (Sean still had a Frappe - what support he is ha ha lol), but I had just a plain coffee.  Then we just tooled around.  It was fun.  Ended up in a used DVD/bookstore, a gun shop, Tractor Supply, Karm, a place where Sean does biz with thru his work so I could meet them, and then dinner at Calhoun's.  

It was nice.  Very nice.  

Have a great weekend!  

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