Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The boys....and mama

The hubby took these photos, and well, they are the grandbabies so I figured I better post them!  I know the grandparents apreciate it.  Not that my husband takes bad pictures!  :)  I'm happy any time I see him take some pics because he really doesn't like to.  For one, that means I may be in them, not because I'm vain, but because I can prove I actually was around and a part of my kids lives!  lol  Also, I like looking at Sean's view of the world behind the lens.  :)  The ones of me and Hunter I had no idea he was taking the pics so I look a little silly.  The last one is too funny!  We are trying to get Hunter used to riding in the stroller when we go walking at night.  He usually rides in the Bjorn or the Moby, but he is just getting to heavy for our backs and shoulders.  He typically cries for awhile in the stroller, but eventually falls asleep.  :)