Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tips for the Christian wife

I am reading a book called Intended for Pleasure by Dr. Ed Wheat.  I just finished a chapter called The "Perfect" Wife.  I thought it was so good and inspiring that I went back and typed up some of the important points.  I printed it out and put it on my nightstand.  It is now a part of my morning Bible study and serves as a good reminder.  Thought I would share. 

The “Perfect Wife” (Having all the qualities necessary to assure my husband that I’m the perfect wife for him!)

Ø  Ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake 2 Cor 4:5

Ø  Attitude of thinking about him instead of being preoccupied with myself.

Ø  Looking for ways all the time to help him and please him.  (good and not evil all the days of her life – Pro 31)

Ø  My husband is king of my household and king of my marriage.

Ø  Next to the Lord, he is the one I want to please the most. 

Ø  It is my joy and privilege to treat my husband as my Lord.  He is my top priority right after Christ.

Ø  Unfading loveliness of a calm and gentle spirit, a thing very precious in the eyes of God.  1 Pet 3:4

Ø   1 Cor 13:  Patient and kind?  Never envious or jealous?  Not possessive?  Not conceited?  Never rude?  Never indiscreet?  Not insistent on its own right?  Not self-seeking?  Never touchy, fretful, or resentful?  Pays no attention to a wrong suffered?  Count up past wrongs?  Not rejoicing in wrongdoing, but in the truth?  Believe the best of him?  Never fail?

Ø  Feel beautiful!

Ø  Accept my husband the way he is!  Don’t cut him down in word or thought.

Ø  Compliment him!

Ø  The power of God within me can enable me to change.

Ø  Turn my attitude over to the Lord and then be, say, and do what I know is right. 

Ø  As I please my husband, I am obeying and pleasing the Lord.   Let it be a love offering to both.

Ø  The Lord will not make me do anything.  He will not change me without my cooperation. 

Ø  With God’s strength operating within me, I am going to be different!  Now DO it!

Ø  Feelings always follow correct action.

Ø  Submission to God and my husband is supernatural, the result of my own choice of action plus God’s power.  Psalm 40:8 – I delight to do thy will, O my God. 

Ø  Bathed and pretty nightgowns for bedtime. 

Ø  Look pretty.  Keep smiling.  Don’t complain.  Receive my husband with open arms.

Ø  Give extra attention to the beauty and comfort of our bedroom.  Keep the house picked up before husband comes home so there is an appearance of order even if I have not had time to clean.  Freshen up before husband comes home.  Wear clothes I know he likes. Serve food he likes.  Take an afternoon nap so I can stay up late with him since he prefers to stay up late.  Learn to like his interests (baseball, football, etc.).  I want to enjoy his world with him. 

Ø  A wise wife will not argue.  I will keep him peaceful and satisfied and happy by gracefully conceding to his wishes or deferring to his opinions.   When an issue is an important one, it can be discussed and decided on its merits. 

Ø  Listen more and talk less. 

Ø  Adapt myself to my husband.

Ø  To stay beautiful, do not let myself go.  Don’t add 10 pounds a year!  Physical fitness program with husband.

Ø  Don’t neglect inner beauty.  Being miserable on the inside will show through wrinkles and my countenance.  It will show in my actions by pushing others away.  It will be revealed in my voice, which would be loud and strident or whining and complaining or ridiculing in tone.

Ø  A woman who is loved and knows she is loved, who loves the Lord and loves her husband, will be lovely. 

Ø  I will have attitudes that will rise up within me that are not right.  Back up and start again.  Turn it over to the Lord.  I don’t have to act this way as a Christian.  I don’t have to let my old nature be in control. I need not choose to be childish and peeved about some insignificant thing that my ego felt as a slight. 

Ø  I am free to be obedient to God and pleasing to my husband.  I do not have to behave in any other way. 

Ø  Husband must come first and children after that. 

Ø  Children will observe actions and absorb attitudes. 

The more you love and submit to  your husband, the more he will love you, just as Christ loved the church.
Intended for Pleasure, Fourth Edition   -     
        By: Ed Wheat, Gaye Wheat

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