Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yep, that's right!  We are moving.  Not until the end of July, but as we all know days, weeks, and months seem to fly by so I know it's going to come up pretty quickly. We are moving to Knoxville, TN so Sean can go to the University of Tennessee.  Sean had applied for the nursing program here, which we found out last week that he was accepted, but we have prayerfully decided to decline.  While we had been waiting for that, he had heard something about flight school possibly being covered through the GI Bill.  He decided to look into it because he has wanted to be a pilot since he was little; never pursued it because of $$$$$.  Well, long story short he had to go down to the VA to see if he qualified for Chapter 33 benefits (he is under Chapter 31 now and it all depends on the amount of disability).  He did qualify, but he found out the GI Bill still doesn't cover flight school.  He was disappointed.  However, while he was there with the counselor, she matched him up with a couple of other fields based on his interests and what he would physically/mentally be able to do because of disability.  The two things they came up with were orthototics/prosthetics and biomedical engineering.  So, we started researching both fields and praying like crazy.  We really feel led to go the engineering route.  It seems like a great fit for my husband.  However, they do not have a biomedical engineering program in the state of Florida.  Well, I had already been setting my sights on Tennessee and we learned that UT DOES have this type of engineering program.  Yesterday Sean got the ball rolling and we are starting to get some things figured out.  He will get some more pre-reqs out of the way for spring and summer and then we will leave after summer semester.  We are VERY EXCITED!  Also, of course sad to leave my family, but we have made many wonderful memories with them and they won't be too far away!  We are continuing to pray that God will open doors for us to get us on our way there and that the transition goes well.  I will keep ya'll posted!


Mrs. B said...

well thats exciting!! only 2.5 hours from us!! congrats on you guys finding something new to go after!

Hettie Brewner said...

We are very excited. Oh wow, 2.5 hours huh!!!??? That's not far at all. Maybe we will be able to see you all and visit. Thank you! We have a lot to figue out, but feel we have God's blessing. :)