Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hunter's Train Party

Here is our finished product!  It was actually really easy.  More waiting than anything. 

Train Cake

Ryan was so excited to see the trains!

BIG TRAIN, little guy!

Looks a little sad :'(

And now in deep thought!

One of my non children faves!

On the caboose!

I LOVE Naner in this picture!

And we're off!

Another favorite!

It's cake time!

First time eating chocolate or really any kind of sweets!

He LOVED it!

Can you tell?

This was our own private caboose party!

And the rest of the train

Hunter's birthday is not until March 7th, but we had his party today, the 3rd.  We rented a caboose and had sub sandwiches from Publix, chips, and cake.  Naner and Pappy joined us and it was great for them to share in Hunter's special day.  Ryan, of course, loved the train, too.  It's at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, FL (about an hour or so south from our house).  The train ride lasts an hour and a half roundtrip.  We had so much fun!  I edited some of the photos, but not all of them because I just don't have enough time.  We are packing for Tennesee; we leave early in the morning. 

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