Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Yes, it's a litte early, but for our family today indeed was Father's Day!  Since I work on the weekends, and for some reason every holiday falls on the weekends, we decided to do it today.  This year I decied to just have Sean do whatever he wanted to do for the whole day.  We had a great time together and I must say he was quite creative! 

First, we went to downtown Dunedin and went for a walk.  We stopped at a wholesale seafood market and got some fresh (heads even on!) shrimp. 

Next, we continued our walk to a make your own pottery place. It was so neat! I haven't done anything like that before. Basically, you pick your pottery, your colors, and then you decide how you want it to look. When all done, they do what they do (a kiln, I think) and then it is ready the following week. Ryan enjoyed it and sat very nicely and painted. Hunter, on the other hand, while sitting very nicely, did not quite understand the point of painting. He did, however, eat paint a few times.

Here's our masterpieces.  Mine is the cross.  It's hard to write in paint brush!  Sean did the plate and got Ry and Hunter's finger/footprints, Hunter (I) did the Hunter green kitty cat, and Ryan picked the letters of his name to paint.

For dinner, Sean wanted to grill out shrimp kabobs. They were delicious!
To end the night, Sean wanted to watch a new Veggie Tales with the boys (and me) Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's hairbrush.

Now, it's ice cream time! 

I hope Sean enjoyed his Father's Day!!!! 

We are so blessed and grateful to God to have him!!!!! 

Happy Father's Day lovey!