Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pioneer Woman

I am not too big on 'learning' about photography or my camera.  I am more of a trial and error kind of gal.  I don't read manuals and I don't especially want to learn photography lingo or techniques.  I think part of it may be the fact that I do enough with school work for my bachelors degree in nursing. Photography is a hobby and I don't want to turn it into work or a chore or a job.  I don't even really know much about Photoshop.  I just click buttons!  lol  Well, I stumbled upon a great site called The Pioneer Woman.  She actually has a cooking show on The Food Network that my coworker and I will watch on Saturdays at work if we are not busy sometimes. That led me to her blog, which is great!  She has different sections related to cooking, photography, homeschooling, gardening, etc.  I am especially enjoying her photography area.  She makes it sound so simple and I am actually learning a teeny teeny tiny bit without it feeling like school!  I also enjoy looking at her photography (she is really talented) and others who post to her site.  So, I decided to try a few of her tips.  We have some new baby ducks so they were easy subjects and flowers are always nice.  :)  Here is her site.  http://thepioneerwoman.com/


~ Noelle said...

Your pictures are awesome!!!! I love PW as well... her blog and her food! Ha ha ha

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks Noe! Yes, the coffee cake I just made was her recipe, as well. :)