Wednesday, February 12, 2014

9 Year Anniversary 2-12-14

Saturday Sean and I enjoyed a special date day to celebrate our anniversary a few days early.  Michaela and Katie watched our 3 little guys while we headed to Pigeon Forge to go to the Dixie Stampede.  It was so much fun!  It's a dinner show and they give you tons of food and lots of fun entertainment!  Sean even got picked to be a part of the show!!!!!!!  He got to throw toilet seats lol!!!!!!!!  It was a game of horseshoes, but instead of horseshoes they used toilet seats.  He didn't win, but he still got a medal.  Afterwards, we took a quick trip by Starbucks and then headed home. 

I started looking back through the blog and seeing all the different things we've done through the years.  It was nice to reminisce.  I would say this past year by far has been our hardest and best year yet, which is super exciting because I know even better is to come.  Last year I had posted about Sean seeking forgiveness for about 8 years worth of lying and sneaking around, looking at pornography on the internet.  It was totally a shock and dreadfully hurtful, but we have been able to heal and grow so much since then and I praise God for that.  I am so glad that we have been working through it and that it was something that was finally admitted and dealt with.  Pastor Bates and Mrs. Bates were a tremendous help and were readily available to listen to us and offer wise counsel.  Of course, we spent a lot of time talking about it with each other and some time was spent arguing and crying.  We leaned on God and He has really helped us (of course!).  We watched sermons on husbands and wives who has been through the same thing.  We safeguarded our computers (Watchdog - free internet protection site and works really well).  We became each others accountability partners.  Sean came to me every time he had a wrong thought.  It was tough to hear at first, but I admire his courage and honesty.  We have really purposed to guard our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds. We really censor TV and magazines, newspapers, internet, places we go,  and I always try to give Sean and heads up if I see someone immodestly dressed.  Communication has been key! 

I am so thankful to God that I have learned more about how to be the wife he has called me to be and how to be here for my husband.  I was totally clueless and naïve before when it came to a lot of those types of things. 

So, it has been such a blessed year of laughing, crying, learning, healing, and growing closer.  I feel like we are close to being how it was when we first met and that is spectacular! 

Today marks the first anniversary where we have gotten to see snow.........and I think we are going to be enjoying a good snow storm until tomorrow afternoon!!!!  :)


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