Monday, February 3, 2014

Gospel Tracts

We had been given some gospel tracts at church that we were handing out, but we just ran out and decided to order some more.  We got one of the sample packs and then one of the assortment packs from Living Waters, which is run by Ray Comfort.

We put a bunch in our car on Saturday night and when we got to the mall, Ryan was so eager to hand them out to people.  He used the one that is a million dollar bill.  He just couldn't get enough of it.  He would have gone through the whole pack had we let him.  Most people were very nice and took the tract from him.  I think only one person said no and I had to watch from being overprotective.  I don't want anyone discouraging him from handing out tracts.

Either way, his enthusiasm and courage were very encouraging to Sean and I.  I still just leave tracts on tables and in bathrooms and the like instead of actually handing them to people because I'm too scared!

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