Friday, July 4, 2014

Beeton-Vetter Family Reunion

We were not planning on going to the annual Beeton-Vetter reunion, which is my grandma's family reunion, because of Sean's school schedule.  Actually, we haven't made it in quite a few years, but I used to go often in years' past.  My grandma and dad and uncles and aunts make it some years.  This year my dad, grandma, and some of my other family had planned to go.  Then grandma died and no one was going to go until my Uncle Paul suggested that we all go as a way to honor my grandma.  So we easily decided that was a great idea and wanted to be there.  It was in Lexington, VA - only 4.5 hours from here.  The boys LOVE staying in hotels and traveling and they love seeing family.  They had a blast.  We did, too.  It was hard seeing some of grandma's sisters because I see grandma, but it was also comforting at the same time.  Ryan is now calling Aunt Pauline (one of grandma's sisters) "Naner", which is what he called grandma.  He said "our naner is in Heaven, so she can be our naner down here".  

We did have a very scary moment.  We were taking the kids swimming and I was snapping a couple of pictures and Sean was doing something else, when he felt prompted to do a head count.  And only counted three.  He immediately started running for the water.  Ryan had fallen in, in the deep end and he doesn't know how to swim.  He scooped him out and Ryan had a bit of a time breathing and he definitely swallowed a bunch of pool water, but he was okay, thank the Lord.  It was very scary and a few seconds more could have produced a very different outcome.  

Any way, here's some pictures from the reunion and then from a park we took dad to.  He came back with us after the reunion and stayed a couple of days before heading back to Fl.
Carriage ride through downtown Lexington.  Hunter stayed behind; he was scared to go on it. 

Hailey on the carriage ride

Touring Virginia Military Institute

View from our hotel

Back in TN at the park

My first time flying a kite

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