Sunday, July 27, 2014

While We Wait

 With the children still being sick, we aren't really going anywhere.  We don't want to get anyone else sick and we don't want them to catch anything else, especially while they are on antibiotics with a lowered resistance.  Also, we are trying to keep Andrew well for his surgery.  But so we don't go totally stir crazy, we took them to the park yesterday and didn't really hang out with any other park patrons.  We decided to go to West Hills Park in Knoxville.  We chose there because it's a quick step down the road from the mall.  I had to go to Godiva to get my free $10 birthday cash!  MMMMMM, Godiva truffles!!!!!!  Evenings just got a little bit better.  Iced coffee.  Godiva.  Hubby.  Hallmark movies.  Comfy bed.  What more could a girl ask for!!???  :)  Any way, it was a really nice park with multiple playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, walking trails, swimming pools, etc.  

We took the kids back to the doctor on Thursday.  Andrew is all good.  Ryan and Hunter had their antibiotics extended, but Ryan's ears looked good, just still coughing.  Hunter still has fluid behind his ears and a runny nose.  Hailey's ears still looked bad and her cough has been really crunchy so the doctor changed her antibiotic to Augmentin.  She said they have had sinus infections.  

We haven't been to church in a lllllloooooonnnnngggg time!  We are hoping that after Andrew's surgery this Wednesday we will be able to start back next Sunday.  
Munching on a plastic bag

Chik-Fil-A picnic

Our Andrew.  Who is getting way too spoiled by me because of his upcoming surgery!!!!!  I'm turning him into a little monster :(

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