Thursday, July 10, 2014

Few Words

Just a few things to say today!  Quickly though because Ryan is standing here coughing all over me and snorting and dripping mucus and talking my ear off and waiting to get on the computer BECAUSE he officially started kindergarten!!!  He is on Day 6 I think!!!  We are doing Abeka DVDs and we are also waiting for the workbook kits that go along with the DVDs.  He is doing very well so far and enjoying it.  He is doing it while the others nap, close to four hours a day! 

Ryan, Hunter, Andrew, and Hailey all have colds, but good news is Andrew went to have his ears rechecked yesterday and they look great!  The doc asked if we wanted to take him to an ENT doctor, but Sean said no.  We are hoping and praying that his ears stay good because there's been talk about getting tubes put in his ears.  Yikes!!!!!

Hailey has started her first solid....hard boiled egg yolk with sea salt.  She is doing very well with it!  She has not been sleeping as good as she usually does and so me and Sean have been a little tired, but thankful to have the little girl!  I guess we can sleep when we retire!!!!  lol

Finally, I have a new work schedule that will start in August that I'm excited about!  I will work 2 Saturdays a month (7a-7p shifts) and then the other two weeks I will work 3-11 on Fridays and Sundays 7a-7p.  That will mean only 6 shifts a month instead of 8 and less commuting and more time at home, especially since Ryan is in school now.  I had asked for it, but wasn't sure I was gonna actually get it! 

OK, time for Ryan to do school.  I will be happy when our lap top gets fixed because we are giving it to Ryan and then I can have this computer back!  :)

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