Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birthday Celebration

It's me and I'm back and I'm a year older now!!!  :)  Saturday we went up to Clingman's Dome, which in the Smoky Mtns and is both in TN and NC.  It's the highest point in the Smokies.  It started pouring as soon as we got there and so we hung out in the car for awhile, but God is good!  He stopped the rain and cooled it off and brought out the sun and it was just gorgeous as we walked the steep half mile to the top where the dome is.  On the way home I got my free birthday Starbucks, of course!  :) 

Sunday, my actual birthday, we went to lunch at the Stardust Marina.  We didn't know the restaurant was literally on the lake so it was a little treacherous getting the kids out there safely!!  lol  

The hubby also made me petite blueberry cheesecakes.  So delicious!  

Today, we just got back from the pediatrician.  All 4 kiddos have been sick for a week or so.  All 4 have ear infections and have started on antibiotics today.  And some prayers would really be appreciated because Andrew has an appointment with ENT on Monday for possible tubes because of his chronic ear infections.  :( 

Finally, Ryan, who has officially started kindergarten, is doing great and really enjoying Abeka!  We told him today that he wasn't going to have school and that it would be counted as a sick day and he said "why, is my teacher sick?" lol  He thought maybe Mrs. Bere, his DVD Abeka teacher, was sick!!!

Here's the recipe for those scrumptious cheesecakes! 

Post spaghetti and cheesecake shot

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