Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tornado Warning

Last Sunday we had some crazy weather!  We ended up having a tornado warning and Sean, three men and a little lady, and myself stuffed ourselves into the downstairs half bath to wait it out.  I was scared, but everyone else handled it quite well.  We even put the boys' bicycle helmets on!  They were so good about it all.  Well, a tornado did hit another county near us, but we were all fine.  Through the night, we had more severe storms with lots of thunder and lightning that actually woke me up and kept me up.  I'm usually not bothered by storms, but these were a little frightening.  Hunter is scared of thunder, so he had found his way into our bed.  The other kids snoozed right through it.  It was nice to have Hunter in here.  He doesn't cuddle that much so I soaked up all that extra cuddle time with him!

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