Saturday, August 2, 2014

Andrew Surgery Day 7/30/14

Bright and early in the morning.  Check in was 0730.  Andrew has no clue what's about to happen, but he is thoroughly enjoying watching Thomas.

This was in the prep area.  They gave him Versed with Tylenol ("happy juice") that was supposed to relax him, make him happy, that kind of thing.  It had an interesting effect on little man.  One minute he's laughing for no good reason at all and the next minute he's ripping my skin off and pulling my hair out.  I couldn't put him down because he had no muscle control.  

Bug's just along for the ride :)

Day one postop.  Doing great!  The surgery went really well.  On the way home, he threw up in the car - all apple juice.  After that, he was able to keep food down and he wasn't too fussy; just in postop.  He had a great nap and has been well ever since.  It's a whole new world for Andrew.  He can actually hear everything as it really sounds.  So, we've learned already that he's scared of lawnmowers, weedeaters, and vacuums.  We are so grateful to God that everything went well and that he is able to hear so much better.  The surgeon said he had a lot of fluid in his ears, but the good thing was, he was in between infections.  We go for a checkup the end of the month and they will do a repeat hearing test, as well as check the tubes.  I'm so in love with this little guy right now.  I was scared for him and the surgery (leading up to it), but the day of, God gave us such peace.  Now, I'm just thankful for him, more so than before.  :)  Thank you for the prayers and support!!!!

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