Thursday, September 18, 2014

Days Of Our Brewner Lives

Hunter and Ryan started swim lessons last weekend.  We weren't sure if Hunter would actually do it because he tends to have many fears, but he got right in and they did a great job.  This will be our Saturday mornings until they learn how.  Andrew does not like the fact that he can't go in the pool.  Poor guy!

After their first swim lesson for doing a great job!

Little Miss can sit unsupported now!

Bug's new room!  Just in time, too, because the day we decided to do it, Andrew hopped out of this crib and came downstairs after nap and Hailey decided that sleeping in a swing was not acceptable either.  Nor is falling out of it (oops!!!).  Twice.  Double oops!  Hailey has been doing a great job in her new room and I think I am, too!  I only woke her up once checking on her.  She is up 1-3 times a night usually.  Andrew has moved into the boys' room.  He is still in a crib in there, but doing a great job with them and actually getting some sleep!  :) Now if he would only stop peeing in his bed.  Ladybugs are fitting, eh!?

Just a normal day sitting around the school table.  Let's see....we've got Spiderman/Stormtrooper, A knight with a lightsaber and a pirate!  Oh and by the way, if you go into Krispy Kreme tomorrow and talk like a pirate, you get a free donut.  Dress like one and get 12 for free.  :)  AND Sept 29th is national Coffee Day (oh my new favorite day!) and McDonalds is giving a free coffee during breakfast hours.  Hhmm, wonder if Starbucks is doing something for the glorious occasion.  Probably not.