Friday, September 19, 2014

Hunter ENT Consult

Well, it seems it may be Hunter's turn.  We just left his ENT consult and the nurse practitioner felt we should put tubes in his ears and take out his tonsils and adenoids.  He hasn't really recovered since they all had those nasty ear infections in June.  He is pretty much always congested and he talks loud and has a hard time hearing.  He also has fluid in his ears and he has had a left swollen tonsil for quite some time now.  We haven't made a decision yet.  We are going to pray about it this weekend and talk to Sean's Dad and the rest of our parents and hopefully have a decision by Monday.  She said we could wait another month to see if anything gets better on its own.  With the tonsils and adenoids, he will have pain and a week to 10 days recovery time where he is just not gonna feel good.  If you think to, pray for our little guy and for wisdom and peace for us in whatever the decision is.