Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Andrew Birthday Pictures- 2 year old!

He's even got his Thomas light up shoes on!

A tent full of train tables

The boys love their train table at home so this was perfect for them.

watching them do golf was fun!

Wondering if Hailey will like trains.  It's all trains all the time around here for the boys!  I've been thinking so much about what to do for a little girl for her first birthday!  We are so used to going on trains for first and second birthdays!  What are some girly girl birthday party ideas?  Oh and Hailey decided to get into BBQ sauce this weekend and eat it!!!!

Sir Top Em Hat

On the train.  Hunter was so scared to ride the train at first and was screaming, but ended up enjoying it!

Petting zoo

Andrew was just amazed and couldn't take his eyes off Thomas, nor did he want to leave this area!

Ryan is already down.  Hunter is on his way back down the steps. Changed his mind and didn't want to do the slide after all!

Hunter wouldn't ride this train

Time for a party!

He wanted a school bus....or at least that's what we think he wanted!  Bunny bus instead of bears!  :)

He got this card three times!!!!  From me and Sean, from Pappy, and from Grammy and Granpop!


Liz Hampton-Derivan Studio said...

Happy Birthday, dear Andrew! Love the pics. Looks like it was a fun two days. Love:)

Hettie Brewner said...

It was!!