Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our Allie Girl

So sad.  We had to say good bye to our dog.  Sean and I got Allie when she was a puppy out in Colorado during our move from GA to CA.  We had been married for about a week or so.  We had our sweet pup for 10 years!  She is definitely missed around here and lots of things remind us of her.  I miss seeing her sleeping on her bed in the corner of our bedroom. I miss her cleaning the floors after we eat!  I miss hearing her bark and scratch at the door - both of which used to annoy me.  I miss her chasing our car as we would leave.  I miss having her on walks with us.  Just miss her. 

She started having diarrhea about a week ago.  We were preparing to take her to the vet when Thursday morning she couldn't move her back legs.  We called and got a vet appointment for a couple hours later.  As Sean was trying to get her in the car, she did actually get up, walk inside, and go to her bed upstairs.  However, when she got to the vet, they basically said we could do lab work to see if she had liver or renal failure and/or a chest x-ray to check for cancer.  None of which are things we could treat her for financially.  She was sick and really nothing we could do about it.  So, we decided to put her to sleep.  Such a hard decision, but we didn't want her to suffer.  She had just had her 10th birthday on October 9th.  

The very same day, we also found out someone had gotten into our bank account and taken all of our money!  Someone hacked into my Google account and bought $650.00 worth of jewels for some game.  We still don't have access to our bank account and we had to close my Google account for a couple of days.  We are getting refunded the money though.  

Any way, it's been a tough week in some aspects, but absolutely wonderful, too!  

God is good.  In the valleys and on the mountaintops.  Praise His name.  


~ Noelle said...

very sorry for your loss.. i know many people see their kids like a child, so i could not imagine...

Hettie Brewner said...

Miss her!