Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our Half Week With My Dad

We took Dad to Dollywood on Wednesday.  God gave us a beautiful day!!!  The weather had been doing all different things while Dad was visiting.....cold and sunny, cold and rainy, rainy and warm, and then warm and sunny for our day at Dollywood.  Me and Sean even got to go on a roller coaster, that the kids can't go on, while Dad watched them.  It was a SCARY coaster!!!!!  I think my face still hurts today from it.  Dollwood is also having a gospel fall festival thing right now so it was decorated all pretty.  After Dollywood, Dad took us to Outback and Starbucks and we didn't get in until close to 11 last night so I think all of us are a little tired today and Dad's flight was early so we left at 6 a.m. to take him to the airport.  I've had two naps already!

We also took Dad to World's Fair Park.  This was Hunter's first outing since his surgery!  He is past 10 days of recovery (today is the first day!) and so we are getting him back into normal routines and sleeping in his room again tonight.  We thank the Lord for a successful surgery and recovery!  We love our lil man!!!  He's been such a trooper!  

The beginnings of fall!!

Dad is scared of heights, but did great going up into the "big gold ball".

I was trying to get Ryan to do a selfie with me, but he didn't quite understand.  He had brought his camera, too, and was trying to take pictures with me.  Oh well.  


~ Noelle said...

we have never been to dollywood. it looks like a beautiful place

Hettie Brewner said...

If you ever wanna go, let us know! We will join you!