Friday, November 7, 2008


Has this ever happened to you? You go to the grocery store and find you have to pay 25 cents for your cart, you also have to pay for your bags to carry your groceries out and you can only use debit or cash or check, but not a credit card!? Yep, that's what happened to me. I decided to try Aldi, our new discounted grocery store that is from the Midwest. I was lucky in finding an unlocked cart that still had a quarter in it so that was OK (I never carry cash, let alone change). I then spend about 45 minutes there grocery shopping, and wait in a long line to checkout. It finally becomes my turn, the cashier rings up all my groceries and my bags and then tells me the total. I pull out my handy Discover card and she is like "what's that?". Um, a credit card. "Oh, we don't take those here". So, I walked out since we don't have a debit card. Well, we do, but I don't know my pin. I don't carry cash as I said and I don't carry my checkbook. So I went to old reliable - Publix. By this time, I was hungry, grumpy and had to pee. It was not a good situation.

We have a Golden here for the weekend. She is not to fond of Allie and is missing her mama, but hopefully she will get a little more adjusted. We are not used to tails. She keeps knocking things over!

We had an appointment with the midwife yesterday. We got to hear the heartbeat! It was amazing. What a miracle. I can't even describe the feelings. Absolutely awesome. We asked our midwife if we could take the Doppler home so we could listen all the time. She said no. I gained 2 pounds, which is right on track. They said everything looked good. All my lab work came back good, except for that urine test. They took another one yesterday and tested in the office and it came up negative, but they are still going to send it off just to make sure I don't still have a UTI. I have a little passport that is a record of all tests done and weight, BP, baby's HR, etc. One thing bothers me. It is checked yes under high risk. I know because of my history of LEEPS and my history of depression, but I still don't like it. Can I white it out and check no instead?

YAY! It's Friday!


Becca said...

We have an Aldi up here and i LOVE it for the basics like canned food and simple stuff. In fact i plan to go tomorrow, but knowing in advance about the debit card thing helps, LOL.
Hearing that little heartbeat really makes the appts so exciting. I still look forward to hearing it even though i can feel her every move these days. You can actually rent a doppler on i think it's for like $20 per month. And by the time you feel her kicking you won't need it anymore so it may be worth it to you guys for the 3 months or so you need it. I would worry too much if i couldn't find the h/b so i opted not to but look into it!

Hettie Brewner said...

Well, I might go back to Aldi armed with CASH, A QUARTER, AND BAGS!!!!!!!

We could never rent a Doppler. We would worry too much and then it wouldn't be so exciting at the doc's to hear it. That thing would drive me crazy I know.