Friday, November 21, 2008


I can't stop thinking about the awesomeness of our ultrasound yesterday. What a blessing and a gift God has given us. It was amazing to see little legs kicking, arms moving and scratching head and heart beating and not just a little speck, but a little baby. We are so excited! It is the best. Thank you Lord!

I went to a financial meeting and a tea and meal yesterday. We have investments and I was invited by our financial adviser. It was actually very informative, I had fun and the tea and treats were delicious.

We have a Dalmatian named Nicole staying with us. She came on Wednesday and leaves on Sunday. She is a sweetheart to us and very cute, but she is not too fond of Allie. She usually just growls at Allie, but this morning she attacked Allie. Allie is OK, but was definitely scared and shaking and shook up. They are now separated. Allie has rule of the upstairs and Nicole of the downstairs.

I officially have health insurnce (including pregnancy) through work! YAY for that.

Oh, and everything looked great and normal. Heartbeat normal at 155 and cervix measured 3.6, which is normal.

Have a blessed Friday!

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