Monday, November 24, 2008


Friday was of course a Capogna's night.

Saturday Sean and I both worked. After work, we called everyone to give them their turkey assignments and then we went grocery shopping. We went to Aldi and it was a success this time! Then to our new Publix. We are having T Day at our house this year with the family coming, there will be 9 of us in all.

Yesterday we went to church and to Old Chicago to eat lunch and watch the games. Nicole the Dalmatian left. What a crazy dog! What with the growling and attacking Allie, nipping at me, then being lovey, not eating and urinating in our house. Poor thing! We even had to feed her chicken and rice just so she would have something in her tummy. She refused to eat her dog food.

We have 4 clients for pet sitting this week. One starts today and lasts till Friday; 2 Yorkies and a cat. Then we have another customer that we will visit twice that has two cats. We are also watching my coworkers 2 cats this week. And then Friday till Sunday we will be watching a Golden and a Daschund. We are going to be busy! Extra cash though and we love our little furry friends.

We went to Babies R Us to look for cribs. My in- laws want to get us a crib for Christmas. So nice of them! It was so much fun to walk around and look at all the baby stuff, but it was also a little overwhelming! We need a lot of stuff! We found some really nice cribs.

Back to work today.


Becca said...

Aww crib shopping is fun! My mother in law got ours and i love peeking in to the room and looking at it :) Good luck with all of the baby supplies! it's madness!

Hettie Brewner said...

It is a fun madness. It makes me feel so emotional to look at all the baby stuff. SO sweet and innocent. Makes me teary. Love it!