Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Lovely Weekend

OK, here we go.

Friday night we met the family at Capogna's for a family meeting and of course for some yummy grub. My grandma is having another laminectomy and will be in rehab for three weeks. My grandpa has Alzheimer's and is not able to be alone so we are trying to work out a grandpa sitting schedule.

We also got to see the shuttle take off from the Capogna's parking lot. It was pretty cool. There were a ton of people out there cheering with their car radios on (reporting the take-off). It is nice to see people still get excited about that sort of thing. It was not as good as when we saw it at Cape Canaveral, but I still got goosey bumps!

I was supposed to work on Saturday, but Carly wanted my shift and I happily obliged since my hubby had the day off. We bummed around morning time. Then we went to the Long Center to check it out. I got the year membership from my boss for Christmas. It is sort of like a YMCA. We want to get involved in some classes and also use their gym. We will have to purchase Sean's membership, but that's OK, at least mine was free. There are a lot of baby, mom/baby, and kid programs too!

After that we went to the Humane Society. Then to the movies and Taco Bell! Yum! We saw the new Bond movie. It was good. Embarrassing moment for me: We get home and I am changing for bed and popcorn fell out of my belly button, which Sean saw of course! What a piggy I am. I guess my belly is getting a little bigger since it now able to trap falling popcorn that misses my mouth!

Yesterday we went to Fort DeSoto. It is gorgeous there. We went to a vet tech student BBQ. It was nice to meet some people since I am an online student. We had a lot of fun, enjoying the park, eating and playing cards (we learned how to play Yuker (sp?)). Good times. Then off to Linens and Things. They are going out of business. We bought some candles. Tried to find some prenatal Yoga DVDs, but no luck. We have looked EVERYWHERE! So frustrating. Then we went to Sam's Club and finally home to eat and watch a movie. Whew what a great weekend. Now I am missing my hubby. :(

It is 40 degrees this morning and will be cool/cold all week - 40s in the morning and 60s during the day.

Oh and lastly, sad news. My aunt's sister died suddenly this weekend. So thoughts and prayers for her family during this very difficult time. :(

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