Friday, November 14, 2008

A Little Pukey Feeling

I enjoyed my day off. I was quite busy. I had a mile long list of stuff that I had to get done around the house. I even finally got my mom and Mike's wedding gift done and it is in the mail to them. I am excited for them to get it and I hope they love it!

As of yesterday, I have officially entered my 2nd trimester! I am 14 weeks! Not so fast on thinking I am going to feel great! Granted, I have been feeling better. Not as much nausea and not as tired. Still exhausted by 7 PM, but that is better than all day exhaustion. Still nauseous at times, but not all day. BUT wait, this morning I had my worst episode yet! I was in the shower brushing my teeth. I gagged twice, but I gag any way so no biggie. Then I started to feel faint, shaky and like I was going to vomit. I barely got through my shower, came out dripping wet and went to the other bathroom. Sean was like "Are you OK?" I barely mumbled "I am not feeling so well." I rested my head on the toilet (funny how that actually feels comfortable when you are about to puke). I started to feel better, went potty and wah-la back to normal! Baby wants to keep me on my toes......... or shall I say my head in the toilet. However you want to look at it.

I have begun feeling baby flutters. They are awesome! Sean is a little upset that he can't feel them. Poor guy! I have been getting them throughout the day. I had never heard of them before last week when the nurse asked me about it at my doc's office.

yay! It's Friday. Off to work I go. Hi-ho!


Becca said...

Aww baby flutters! hurray for that!
Sorry you're still feeling sick. I have to take 'luke warm' showers now because i get light headed if it's too hot. And brushing my teeth is always a battle to not puke. LOL thus defeating the purpose huh? :)

Becca said...

Hey i don't think i have your current email address at home, but i have used some sites to get free samples of baby stuff. Hey every little bit helps right!? Plus it's fun to get free things in the mail....i used my address and then any family nearby me so i could get multiple freebies..

free drop-ins bottles...

walmart brand baby formula sample...

You'll need these after baby is born :)

And a whole box of wipes!

The sites are all good, i've signed up for them all and have gotten most all the samples by now....enjoy!