Monday, March 16, 2009

Hospital wing dedicated to me?

A lot has happened since my last post. Everything went well last Saturday and Sunday after leaving the hospital. My mom flew in on Sunday the 8th. So good to see her. She was here until yesterday. I miss her so much. She took such great care of me and baby and did so much for us. She bought baby a bunch of clothes, Bjorn baby carrier, Boppy, Pooh frame and a baby monitor, too. She washed all the baby stuff and framed a picture for us. Most of all though she just took great care of me and it was wonderful to have her here. She will be back again after baby is born and we are at home.

So last Monday I went to work (planned on working 8-1 M-F that week while mom was here). It was going fine until 12:30 rolled around and I started with the heavy bleeding again. We went back to the hospital. Was discharged the next day. Put on strict bed rest until week 37 (I am at week 31 now). Only up to go to the bathroom and to shower. Mama took care of me Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. Sean was in Cali on Tuesday and came back late Thursday night for work. Well, Thursday at 12:30 (again!) I started bleeding heavily and passing clots. Went back to Morton Plant. They decided to transfer me back to Bayfront via ambulance. Thank goodness mama was here since Sean was in Cali.

So since Thursday I have been at Bayfront. I have had ultrasounds daily. Baby is wonderful with big cheeks, hair, using breathing muscles, has muscle tone, drinking fluid, blinking. :O) Baby passes the test everyday with an 8 out of 8. The first one they did here they found no amniotic fluid so there was talk of an emergency C section, but every u/s since then has shown amniotic fluid. I have had an IV, lots of blood taken from me and they have put me on different meds. They stopped the Indocin b/c of the initial concern of loss of amniotic fluid. Started Procardia and my blood pressure started running 84/44! Stopped that and now I am on terbutaline. It makes me feel awful, all shaky and jittery, dry mouth, nausea, weak. I have to take it 4 x's a day. Of course worth it for baby. Dizzy still because of low blood pressure.

At first they said I have to go 3 days straight with no bleeding. That hasn't happened yet. I have heard talks today that they might let me go home. I am not sure if that is good news. It is to be at home, but I am so scared it is going to happen again with the heavy bleeding. I am just praying lots. It is scary any way to be sent home being in preterm labor.

Either way, I am still on strict bed rest when I get home. No working. I emailed my teacher to find out about getting a "W" for the class. Everything else in life has been put on hold, as well, but we are OK with it. This is where God wants us and we shouldn't always be in such a rush to get out of the valley - we are learning a lot in this valley.

Our family and friends have visited and called daily so that has been so nice. We feel very loved and like we have a ton of support. We are extremely grateful.

I miss you mama!!!!!!!


Becca said...

OMG hettie i'm so sorry! That must be scary but like you's where God wants you to be and both you, Sean, and your little one are in God's hands so all is well. I hope that you get to go home soon as i'm sure it's hard to be in the hossy, comforting as it may be at the same time. Hopefully all goes well but i'll probably give you a call later this week to see how it is all goin'

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks Becca. It was great to talk to you and I think we will want to go with you guys to the ball. Sean thought it was a good idea. Love ya!