Monday, March 30, 2009

La la la la la la la - La Quinta

We had a nice relaxing weekend, but I guess that's pretty much expected these days! Sean had off all weekend, which was very nice. We watched a lot of movies. Sandra came by on Friday and brought me a big fluffy pillow with a silk pillowcase, an angel necklace, some nice hair products and some comfy prego pants. What a sweetheart! My dad came both weekend days. :) Allie is still very slow about eating her food. Poor puppy dog. Barbie came to visit on Saturday and today. We even got all our laundry picked up and cleaned for us. So thankful. Barbie got to see an u/s with us. Yesterday, Janice from church came to visit and brought us McFlurries and her sister baked us a casserole that is quite tasty. We also got a bunch of notes from people at church.

We got our taxes done on Friday. We switched to a new accountant b/c the one we were using in Cali would not return our phone calls regarding the stimulus checks we never received. Well, the new accountant (my whole family uses him) was able to get our stimulus checks - yay! But there is bad news. First of all, the old accountant was doing our forms illegally, that's why we didn't get our stimulus checks and why she never called us back. Our new accountant was confident that we would not be audited. So any how, after all the deductions he could possibly give us, including our stimulus checks (all legally of course), we still owe $1200. It's because of my transcription job. I was still doing that until June. My boss did not take taxes out of our checks. Somehow from Jan-June, I made $20,000. Why did I quit!?

I did not feel good yesterday. I had really bad stomach pains and contractions. I had not gone to the bathroom since Friday; finally did today. I was put back on continuous monitoring for a while and back on IV fluids. I still had some contractions this morning, but I am feeling so much better. Baby was doing great the whole time while I was not feeling well. I was really flushed, too.

I filled out my nursing application, so I will know by the end of summer if I was accepted into the RN program; it starts in January. I am excited and praying I get in.

I didn't get my hair washed by my hubby last night b/c I felt so ill, but I can't wait for that tonight. Now, if only I could get someone to do my nails and wax my bushy brows!

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