Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sienna Travel System

Well, we got a stroller/car seat system today with a free extra base. We just got the best deal of the century. we Dave Ramsey'ed it! So, my friend called this morning saying she saw an ad for Sears for the system, regularly priced $260, on sale for $130, so a savings of $130, plus the free base, which was $50, so $180 in savings, plus the one we wanted was $10 more, so a grand total of $190 in savings. So, my friend went to the mall to get it. They were all sold out, but said we could purchase it on-line. Well, we couldn't, so I called customer service and they found it at a mall in St. Pete, put it on hold for me and my friend went and picked it up! My grandma is buying it for us, so really we saved her lots of money. We are really happy!

Here it is:

http://sears.shoplocal.com/sears/default.aspx?action=entryflash& - just look under nursery column on left hand side and it is the Sienna travel system.

or you can see the pattern better on

Speaking of granny, please pray for her. She went to the ER by ambulance on Friday for impacted bowels. She is at home now and doing better, but still having a rough time.


Becca said...

Ooooh pretty! I likey and it's a nice neutral too.
Can i just say that Graco rocks! I love our everything Graco. :)

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks, we lovey lots!

Good, I am glad we got Graco then! :)