Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quicky Update

An ultrasound was done today and now they feel I have placenta previa and not an abruption, which they said was better. They will keep me here until I deliver most likely. They have to continue to monitor me and baby for signs of distress and of course if the bleeding changes and becomes more serious. The specialist would like to see me go to 34 weeks when baby is completely viable, but if I could get to 37 then of course that would be even better. I will have to have a C section no matter what. I am not upset by it because the end result is all the same - we will be able to hold our beautiful baby in our arms and that's all that matters. So, for now, I continue to be an incubator, bed rest, ultrasounds daily, monitor me and baby and be thankful for each day God gives us. I might have to have a blood transfusion and I am trying to decide if I should get a donor's blood or blood from my hubby. I will have to pray about it. They might take me off the IV today because I am seriously putting out 1000 cc of urine every few hours and that is a ridiculous amount!!!!!!

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