Sunday, March 1, 2009

Probably Too Much Baby Talk

Nothing really new to report. This weekend has been busy, but we haven't really been doing anything if that makes sense. I guess nothing so exciting that I feel I should blog about it any way. Saturday we both worked. I got a mani/pedi and we went to K-Mart. Yep, I could go on, but as I said not important enough to blog about.

I do have a few comments though.

I figured out that it definitely was not the heartbeat we were feeling b/c I asked my midwife and she said you can't feel baby heartbeat. So that means it was hiccups and it happens almost daily to our little one. I feel bad for baby! My midwife said it was uncomfy for baby and causes lots of movement and that is true. I especially feel bad when daddy pushes the ice maker on purpose to startle baby. Baby kicks or moves every time the ice maker comes on. Poor thing!

I am learning really fast what I will and will not need for baby with having Joel around. Besides some of the obvious things like stroller, car seat, diaper pail, etc., there are a lot of things that we probably won't need. I need to remember that baby will grow so fast that there is no point in wasting tons of money on clothes and unnecessary pens and toys, etc. And there certainly is nothing wrong with hand-me-downs. I know for sure we will need a baby monitor (Allie has been working well however with baby Joel), a baby carrier (the Bjorn thing), a vibrating chair and a Boppy pillow and a nice mat to lay baby on the floor. Those items will be must haves around here for sure.

Sean was up way past me last night, feeling the belly, I was totally passed out, and apparently baby was going crazy in my tummy. I love to hear that and even nicer that it doesn't wake me up. ;)

Well, I guess I could go on with more nonsense, but I will stop now, especially since my husband is calling me. We have to finish doing our Financial Peace homework before class this evening. We have an hour.


Becca said...

Oh you are going to have the same rough time that we are with the hiccups and a newborn. Kenzie had them all the time while I was pregnant too and now that she is here she still gets them. Gripe Water is our savior with them because every time she gets them she cries and cries so we have to give her a mL or so of gripe water to get rid of them. SO worth the $12!! LOL. It’s good that you get to discover what you need and don’t need before having your little one too. Boppy is definitely a MUST HAVE! Hand me downs are GOLDEN too…if you have a girly I’ll be sure and send some your way LOL.

Hettie Brewner said...

Yah, our midwife said that if baby gets them now a lot, it will carry over into when baby is born. Thanks for the tip! :O)

Thanks also for the offer to send clothes. I will gladly accept if it is a girl! :O)