Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Boys

Friday was a big day for our children.....they both had an appointment at the peditrician's office!  It may have been a bit more nerve wracking day for me than anything!  Hunter had to get his first round of vaccines.  :( 

So, Ryan is doing great.  He had one shot.  He is now 27.5 pounds and 35 inches.  He DID NOT like getting his ears checked or fluoride put on his teeth.  Other than that he did well.  Oh yah, and he did not like watching his brother get shots; it made him very upset. 

Hunter is also doing great!  He is a whooping 13 pounds and 1 oz, which is 2 more pounds than what Ryan was at that age!  He is 25 inches long.  He got a ton of shots!  He did very well, but he is definitely different than his brother.  He cried a lot.  Ryan, from the getgo, would just cry when being poked, but as soon as it was done, and we could pick him up again, he was all better.  Hunter in general is a different kind of baby.  He is not really soothed by us holding him.  He is more soothed when we put him down in his bouncy chair with the vibrator on, paci in mouth, and us bouncing him.  OR he loves his sound machine by Homedics, which my aunt gave us at the baby shower.  A blessing of a gift I say!  There are different sounds to choose from, but Hunter prefers the ocean.....turned ALL the way up, and right next to his ear, while being rocked.  It used to get me a little upset that I couldn't really soothe Hunter because Ryan was opposite and as soon as I picked him up he would be all better, but now I just know they are different.  Ryan was more needy and high maintenance; Hunter is more independent and harder to calm down.  SO any way, he cried most of the way home.  He was a little fussy for the remainder of the day, as well, and we ended up having to give him Tylenol.  Again, we have never had to do that with Ryan.  Poor Ryan had to  go back to the lab and get blood drawn.  I took him, and he did very well, he was a brave little man. 

So today is Mother's Day.......HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!  I have been very blessed this morning.  My hubby served me breakfast in bed with eggs, toast, bacon, OJ, and coffee and a flower.  I also got a beautiful Mother's Day gift!  It came in a TIFFANY BOX!!!!!!!!  I got a Tiffany necklace.  In my opinion any time a girl opens a gift that is encased in the famous blue box, it's gonna be perfect!!!!!!  Well, Sean gave me some Mommy time upstairs and I did some yoga and got ready (donning my new necklace of course), but I hear some crying downstairs so I better go.  xoxo  Have a God blessed day mommies!


~ Noelle said...

How sweet!
Hope you enjoy your Mothers Day!!!!
(Hope the boys are good to go now, lol, I remember Broxtons first shots like it was yesterday!)

Hettie Brewner said...

Happy Mother's Day! How was yours? They are both much better now. :) Thanks for checking in. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I wonder if that sound maker from Homedics would help Bailey and Jonathan's baby. I will have to show Bailey your post. Hope your Mother's Day was memorable!



Hettie Brewner said...

They have them at Target for about 20 dollars :)