Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daddy/son night and Mommy/son night

Mommy and Hunter got to spend a relaxing evening alone.  I ate dinner, we went for a long walk, Hunter took a snooze, Mommy got a shower, fed the baby, and gave the baby a bath.  I also decided to get my camera out for the 2nd time and take a couple of pics and try to learn something.  I learned how to make color pics different colors like B&W and sepia, as seen here!  Baby steps.  :) 

Meanwhile, Sean took Ryan to his first baseball game!  Ryan had a lot of fun and it was such a blessing for Sean to get some Daddy/son time.  He has always dreamed of being able to take a son to baseball games.  :)  Ryan got 2 balls from the players, ate 3 hotdogs with Daddy, and sipped on Coke.  :)  He came home last night full of energy from all the fun and excitement and then crashed!  Here is a pic before the game that Sean sent me from his cell phone. 

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~ Noelle said...

sounds like all of yall had a great night