Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Ryan went to our Pastor's house yesterday, while Sean, Hunter, and I drove to Lakeland to have a date at Outback and then to go to an adoption orientation through Florida Baptist Children's Homes.  We have decided (through much prayer and God's awesome guidance) to become foster parents, with hopes of eventually adopting.  We feel that fostering would be a good place to start and then possibly adopt after that.  The orientation went really well.  Next up, we have to fill out all the paper work, go through extensive background checks and home studies, and start MAPP classes.  I think the next ones start the end of August and go once a week a couple of hours each time.  It's a 30 hour course.  We are REALLY excited.  We have decided to foster ages 0-5.  We will keep you all updated on the new ways in which God is working in our lives.  :)

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~ Noelle said...

I am very proud for yalls decision...
I will be praying for you