Sunday, July 24, 2011


Layered Ice Cream Cake
Makes a 9”x 13” Pan

24 Ice cream sandwiches
8 oz. Cool Whip™
1 Hershey’s™ chocolate syrup bottle
1 Smuckers™ caramel syrup bottle
2 king size Butterfinger™ candy bars chopped up
1st layer -12 ice cream sandwiches
2nd – half of whipped cream
3rd - half of Butterfinger™ bars, Squeeze 1/2 of caramel &
chocolate over that.
4th - rest of ice cream sandwiches
5th – Cool Whip™
6th - rest of Butterfinger™, caramel & chocolate
Yesterday was Pappy's (my Dad) birthday and we made this for him.  It was really good and really simple to make!  He enjoyed it, as did everyone else, and so did Ryan!!!!!  We split the recipe in 1/2 because this was just too much.  :)  Enjoy!

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