Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And our Christmas Day on the 26th

We waited until Monday to do our Christmas at home since I had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  And I promise, now I have purged all my pics from the last week!!!  lol

Alphabet Pal

Al's new toy

Lots o' Tales! and The Pond.  And Grammy and Granpop recorded stories in recordable books.  So neat!  Ryan LOVES to listen to their voices. 

We had gotten this from consignment a long time ago, but we found out the batteries had corroded in it so it was broken.  Sorry Hunter!

Twilight Turtle, which is really cool and I want one for our room!  HA!  From Uncle Scott and Aunt Laura. 

Talking Chuck and ambulance from Grammy and Granpop

Foam Floor Puzzle from my BFF Adrienne

Cars book from Auntie Adrienne (he LOVES it) and a John Deere Tractor