Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Disney Day 4 Hollywood Studios

look!!!!  No people!!!!!

Had breakfast here, character dining again :)

Look!!!!  Now there's people! 

Had lunch here (Sci Fi Dine In).  I LOVED it and so did Ryan. We sat in car booths and watched a movie. 

We left Hollywood Studios early and were taken by van to Saratoga Springs to learn more info about the Disney Vacation Club, which we REALLY want to join, but would need to save for.  They dropped us off at Downtown Disney after to eat and look around.  We also got VIP Fast Passes for learning about Disney Vacation Club, which was awesome for our next and final day at Magic Kingdom.

Ate dinner here in Downtown Disney

This is back at our hotel where we had breakfast the morning before.

We got to take the ferry from Downtown Disney back to our hotel


~ Noelle said...

broxton would LOVE to see Jake!!!!

Hettie Brewner said...

i think hunter liked him more! lol