Friday, April 13, 2012

Potty Training!

We had started to notice that Ryan was becoming uncomfortable in his diaper because he was getting really fidgety with it so we decided to give potty training another try.

Our first day was Monday and it was a day of changing shorts and underwear six times! He even went pee pee on our carpet in the living room! Not once did he go in the potty. We don't think he was quite getting it because he kept telling us to change his diaper after he would go. Well, instead of changing him immediately, we let him sit in it (not too long of course, like 10 mins max) so he would know what it felt like. He did not like that at all.

Tuesday morning he had an accident first thing, but then the rest of the day he did great. In fact, since then, he hasn't had one accident. He usually even tells us when he needs to go, but of course we do remind him, as well. He has been getting treats for going, but already isn't expecting them.

The #2 area has been a little different. He has had some accidents with that, but he did go in the potty yesterday. I think we may have to work on that one a little longer.

We are still putting diapers on for nap time and bed time, but this morning his diaper was barely wet and he asked to use the potty immediately.

We are really proud of him and can't believe how he is growing up and becoming a big boy.

If I could give any advice, it would be to be patient and wait until the child is ready to potty train, NOT when the parent is ready to potty train. I think it just causes more misery when they aren't ready. People kept telling us we needed to have Ryan potty trained before Hunter was born so we didn't have two in diapers, but I totally didn't mind. Sean and I agreed that there was no rush.

Oh and we have Ryan go on the big potty, not a little child potty. Saves on having to clean up something else, retrain for the big potty, and risk Hunter or Ryan playing in it. He has been fine with the big potty. If anything, he wants to flush more than once! lol

So Hunter isn't left out, I can give him a praise report, too! :)He is officially off formula and on cow's milk and doing great. We just have to break him of his ba-ba now and get him on sippy cups. That may prove to be challenging. I am also hesitant because he is still my baby and he looks cute with his bottle and I love the evening and morning bottle/cuddle times with him. :)

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