Thursday, August 23, 2012


Monday evening we went to Big Ed's Pizza in Oak Ridge (Sean's pick) to celebrate getting into the bomedical engineering program and getting the Ch 31 benefits. It was pretty funny....while we were there the owner, who was so kind, brought over T shirts for me and the boys and had noticed I was pregnant so decided to get me a larger size. He gave me a XXXL shirt!!!! lol Ry's nickname for me of hippopotamus is pretty true! Him and Hunter even make an eating sound for my nickname and they think it is hilarious. Me and Sean do, too!!!! Any way, I wore it to bed last night and the short sleeves were long sleeves, but it was a good fit over the belly. :) lol Came down to my knees I think! After pizza we went for a walk on a trail at Melton Lake in Oak Ridge and I snapped a few pictures. I learned a teeny bit about layering and opacity in Photoshop from Pioneer Woman's blog so I decided to give it a try.
Ry is checking out a fisherman down below.  Notice the red socks......his fave pair.....never matches his outfit!

I realize the quality of this picture is poor, but it was too neat to see deer; it's just they were on the other side of the lake!  Far away!!