Monday, August 6, 2012

We are ready!

Baby's clothes are hung in the closet, which I posted a picture of, but then just realized I can't post that!!!!!  It would reveal the gender.  Erase!!!!!!  Delete!!!!!!  So enter your imagination of me and Sean's closet with lots of little newborn clothes hanging on little hangers.  :) 
Our hospital bags are packed!  Thanks to my friend Becca for baby's take home outfit and my new travel Boppy!!!!

Baby's spot in our bedroom. :) Usually the bassinet is right next to my side of the bed so we will see if it will stay put or if I will be dragging it over so I can check on baby 8 million times a night. :) Really, we end up using the bassinet as storage because our other babies have co slept. :0) Either way, we are just excited and it was fun to pull out everything for our new little one.  I was a little wiser with this picture.  I had originally put it in color, but Sean thought some of the various blankets and burp cloths and what not gave it away because of the colors, so voila, I changed it to black and white!!!  hee hee  Although the majority of the things under the bassinet are gender neutral any way.  Playing it safe.  :) 

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