Saturday, August 11, 2012

Farm Visit

Earlier in the week we were invited over to a couple's house that we go to church with for dinner.  They live on a 77 acre farm literally 10 minutes from our house, so really the post title is incorrect because we don't visit farms occasionally, our neighborhood is surrounded by them!!!!!  They are such a sweet couple and we enjoyed the food and fellowship.  The boys loved playing outside and seeing the horses.  However, Ryan needs to be trained on horse etiquette.  He threw a stick at one and also hit it in the nose.  No, the horse did not like that one bit!  Being a FL beach boy, he had no idea how to behave around horses, coupled with the fact that he is fearless!  Any way, we will hopefully teach him quickly (or  a horse will) that they don't like things thrown at them nor do they like to be hit and that spooking a horse is just not a good idea!

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