Monday, August 13, 2012

Even in the Little Things

We rejoiced yesterday because we got the good news that sean was accepted into the biomedical engineering program at UT.   Today we headed to campus to figure out GI Bill benefits and his class schedule. Well...this is when stuff started to go wrong. Finding parking was a nightmare and we drove around forever. Finally we found 45 min parking for our first stop. Then comes the real bad news. The next stop on campus is probably 2 miles from the parking garage. Now, usually I love walks and we try to get out as often as we can to walk in our neighborhood. However, this was ridiculous and aggravating. So we started the long trek and with each step I got increasingly annoyed, hot, and crampy with contractions and I was having a slight difficulty with breathing. Ryan is not enjoying this adventure either and is whiny, complaining, and on the verge of a tantrum. Now I was trying so hard to have a good attitude, to be thankful, and grateful to God, but my weak flesh and the enemy were just getting the best of me. We finally get there and had success in getting his school stuff accomplished, which was great, but I'm literally in tears because I know what lies ahead...the long walk back. I'm 37 wks pregnant and hungry and this is just not cool. Sean is feeling awful and I'm making Ry sad because I'm crying. We head outside to just get this over with. No sooner did we walk up the stairs from the building when this orange van pulls up to pick up some other students. A glimmer of hope! I ask sean if we can get on it and he goes and asks the driver. He says of course so we quickly hop on and are blessed by the other passengers and the driver who help us back to our car, help with the stroller, and give up seats for us. I start crying again, but this time it's because our God is so good and amazing and loving and cares about us, even in the things that would seem unimportant and insignificant to Him.  He loves us that much even when we are sinful and selfish and  not full of his joy and peace as we should be. He truly is our loving Father who is worthy of all of our praises.  Thank u jesus for your forgiveness and for your mercy and grace.  We got dropped off by our car, which also happened to be situated right next to a Quiznos.  Oh the feeling of his presence surrounds me.

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